What Is Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic?

Have you ever heard a phrase “cohesive Instagram page”? So what does it actually means? Well, it is actually very easy – a page where there is a certain pattern being followed, a particular style and voice of the page. You may have landed on certain pages and you simply were not able to stop browsing through their images. Everything looked so perfectly well together; the colours that are matched, or a minimalist clean background on every single post. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It is basically about how you would like to express yourself and the message you would like to send to your audience, be it for your personal page or the page you run for your business.

This pattern will become your signature, people will soon be able to recognize your style, even if they see your post on some other accounts, they will be able to spot it! Here are some examples of cohesive Instagram pages:

Examples of Instagram accounts with Cohesive Aesthetic

Although some people would disagree with this theory, and they are not completely wrong, there are some outstanding artists out there who do not need to follow any of the rules, and yet their work will go viral and thousands of fans will share their posts, for the rest of us trying to get noticed, sticking to a certain style can help to make the visitors turn into your loyal audience. How to achieve this, you will ask? First, you would need to decide on what is it that you like or what would your ideal target audience enjoy? Then only you would need to turn to editing and create the style that defines YOU. Many people may think that they would need some expensive cameras and software to achieve this, but in reality all you need is your phone camera to star with and some editing skills. If you are enthusiastic about learning new things and look forward to taking your posts to another level, our course is the best option for you! You get an individual training with Dilara Aydyn, where she will guide you through everything you need to know about editing and more! If you think that you would rather spend your time on growing your business, and leave the creation of “Instagrammable” content to us, we would be happy to do so! You will find our amazing photo editing services here.