Why Digital Marketing Is Important.

We believe you would agree with us that your marketing strategy is not complete without your presence online. Although it sounds almost impossible, there are plenty of businesses out there without at least a basic website, forget social media platforms and all sorts of campaigns. So, let’s take a closer look at what digital marketing actually means in terms of numbers.

  • Your website load time.. have you ever wondered about that? Well, you should, because you get only 2 seconds before bounce rate increases by 50%
  • What can double your search traffic? It is actually having a thumbnail of a video in the search results
  • 90% of searchers have NOT made their decision about a brand prior stating their search… you see where we are going with that?
  • As much as 82% of searchers are using their phones to make a decision about a purchase (think how much you are losing if your website is not properly optimized for all the devices)
  • Videos are 50 times more likely to drive search results than plain texts
  • 27% of the websites are built on WordPress, BUT only around 40% of those websites are up to date
  • 3.03 BILLION people are on social media, which is close to half of the world’s population
  • A video on social media helps online shoppers to make their decision, at least 64% of them agreed to this statement
  • 59% of grownups aged 18-29 are on Instagram
  • Your social media is important, especially for your female audience, because 86% of women check it accounts before making a decision to purchase something from you

Stats are provided by OmnicoreAgency.com